Madison Homes, Inc. is a full service real estate development company focused on creating residential communities in urban locations in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Since its inception in 1992, Madison Homes’ results have included the construction and sale of more than 1,600 houses and condominium units and more than 60 successful real estate development projects.

As a diversified real estate development company, Madison Homes brings together a team of real estate professionals with many years of experience in developing and constructing a wide spectrum of real estate development projects comprising residential for sale and rental housing, with products ranging from subsidized, government assisted housing to luxury housing, in a mix of apartments, condominiums, townhouses and single family homes, land development and commercial development.

The business plan of Madison Homes includes all aspects of the real estate development process, including the construction and sale of housing, the development of land for other builders, the entitlement and sale of land to third party developers and builders and putting our expertise to work for others through Madison Real Estate Solutions.